Friday, September 26, 2008


Most of you knew that D wanted to name Wyatt --"Rope". I wouldn't even consider it. I was too worried he would grow up being made fun of. I'm not sure if D was really serious about it or if he just liked the reaction he got from me. Anyway, if I would have known that Wyatt would only live almost 6 short months I probably would have let D get his wish--at least his middle name. "Rope" became one of Wyatt's nick names.
This horse toy is what D gave Wyatt for Christmas. I found it at Target and thought this is what D needs to get for his little "Rope." Wyatt loved his horse! He especially loved grabbing at the tail and chewing on it. It was a challenge for his little hands to grab. He would concentrate so hard until he would finally get it. When Wyatt passed away we each picked a toy or something that we knew Wyatt liked to put in his coffin with him. D picked this horse.
About a month or two after Wyatt died I decided I wanted one of these horses for each of my kids to have when they might be missing their little brother(thanks Jen for the idea) Anyway, I had searched and searched and finally --thanks to my niece Natalie we found some on e-bay. This is the gift that we gave to Ty, Em and Hay at our picnic breakfast on Wyatt's birthday. Now when they are missing their little brother they can hug and cuddle with this little horse and remember their little brother that loves them so much.

Opening their presents at Wyatt's grave.

Hay snuggling with her "Wyatt horse."


Robyn said...

What a sweet idea! That horse is darling. I'm sure your children will have that horse for years to come. You are such an amazing mother. I wish you lived up here so we could go out to lunch today! I love you.

neener said...

I love the idea, I will email you more of my thoughts.

Jill said...

I love that idea. I'm glad you found them...I've been looking everytime I've been in Target. :) I love the expressions in those pictures. Tyler is such a mature boy. Hayley's face is so precious. Love you guys!

Amanda said...

i am so glad you found those horses. i remember when you were looking for them at target. it was such a great idea to get them for Ty Em and Hay!

Eileen said...

I believe we knew what our trials would be before we came to this earth. I think PART of your trial, was to help your kids get through this trial too. Because your trial, is their trial too. You are amazing! It's hard to believe we would agree to some of this stuff and still choose to come to this earth. I know you must be a very special daughter of God, to have been given, and agreed, to this hard, hard thing. You are loved!

Andrea said...

I found your blog from Eileens, and I have been following it when I have the time.
I just wanted you to know that I think you are an amazing mother. I am so impressed with your ablility to make memories with your children, and to remind them of their brother. Even when it may be hard for you. Thank you for inspiring me.

gcashton said...

I just had a chance to read through all the posts I missed this past week and I am just so overwhelmed right now. What an amazing tribute to your son--and your family--that you had so many participate. It breaks my heart that I had to miss out on participating in your special balloon release. I love everything you did for Wyatt's birthday. I love how much thought and preparation went into it. It helps me realize that the day doesn't have to be completely one of sorrow, as I have been dreading. I might have to borrow some of your ideas--especially the balloon release and the spiritual gifts. What a perfect message to teach your children.
I love you and am so grateful for your friendship.