Wednesday, September 9, 2009

A gift from Wyatt

Today is Emily's 10th birthday. I truly can't believe it. Where has the time gone?

I had something neat happen to me yesterday. Here is the quick story. Emily had dance and during her dance time I usually go to Walmart and walk around. Yesterday I had a couple of things I needed for Emily's birthday cake and a few groceries. I had gotten all of those and had about 10 minutes left before I had to go check out. I started for the front of the store to just browse when the thought came to me. "What is Wyatt giving Emily for her birthday?" My first thought was....nothing. I truly was not planning on anything and if she asked I was just going to say that one of the presents we had for her was from Wyatt. But then I had a feeling that there was something there at Walmart that was meant for her and Wyatt wanted her to have it. Ok, right now you might think I'm crazy and maybe I am but I've learned since Wyatt passed away to listen to these thoughts and feelings. So, I knew there was something in that massive store meant for Emily but where do I begin? I only had 10 minutes. The jewelry section came to mind so I went there. I started browsing through the jewelry and couldn't find anything. There were some ok butterfly dangly earrings and a couple of cheesy necklaces but nothing caught my eye. They were just not the right thing. I was about to give up and leave when I saw one more rack of jewelry across the way. I went over to it and there it was, the gift that Wyatt wanted his big sister to have.
A butterfly with CTR written on it. It was perfect! It was meant for her....I FELT it! The butterfly to remember her brother by but more importantly CTR to remind her to always choose the right. That is what Wyatt wants from our family. He wants us to make it back to him and we need to choose the right to do that. I have no doubt in my mind that Wyatt wanted to give that necklace to his sister for her 10th birthday. Anyway, they ARE birthday buddies(both born in September.Ty and Hay are both born in November and are birthday buddies. Emily was so excited when Wyatt was born in September so she could have a birthday buddy too.) I know Wyatt loves Emily so much and wants her to know how important it is to always choose the right and to not forget him. He has filled his chair at our eternal table. He wants so badly for all of us to do the same by trying our best to choose the right. I also noticed there are 4 little diamonds in the corner. 4 diamonds one for each child in our family. A tender mercy with a little miracle...that is what I feel happened yesterday.
Here are a few pictures from this morning. I'm sure there will be more taken throughout the day that I will post later.A hug for the birthday girl.


Larsen said...

There are no words to tell you how beautiful and inspiring I found that post to be. I KNEW that it was Wyatt's hand just reading it. How absolutely beautiful, and what a treasure to have that shopping trip with your son. My eyes filled with tears and my heart was full. Our little ones are still here!! It's just hard to hear them now. Thank you for that post. I just loved it!!

Gavin's Mom

Jill said...

This one got me. Your little Wyatt is so aware of your family. :) It makes me smile when I think of the lengths he goes to make sure you know it. Such a strong angel you've got watching over you. Love you guys! Happy Birthday Em!

The Holland Family said...

You should never feel like you are crazy when you have these special things happen. What an awesome experience. And so neat how you were lead to the perfect gift. You will be so glad you recorded these moments. I think of you often.
Love, Nicole

Marc and Megan said...

What a beautiful experience to have had! I love those very quiet moments when we're able to feel and recognize the roles that those who have passed on still play in our lives. It is such a wonderful blessing. Thanks for sharing, Andrea! And, happy birthday to Emily!

Nathan Gedge said...

You are NOT crazy~ I think it is absolutley beautiful and wonderful that you knew there was something in that store from Wyatt and it couldn't have worked out any better! A butterfly!! I got the chills just reading your entry! Haooy Birthday Emily!

Bridget said...

I love it. Your ability to listen is inspiring. I love hearing about a tender mercy, too. Thank you.

taguefamily said...

thank you so much for helping me to really know that our love ones on the other side still reach out to us. I am so greatful for all that you share on this blog. Happy Birthday to both of the children and my the Lord bless you and keep you. Gidget

{ Bethany } said...

Im all teared up now. :') That is so sweet. Happy Birthday, Emily!

Alison said...

It is so special to experience these precious moments of reassurance confirming that the bond of love we share with our children will always be stronger than the separation of death.

Thank you for your messages on my blog and for reaching out to me.

Hugs and smiles* from Africa