Tuesday, September 16, 2008

"In loving memory of Wyatt"

Wyatt's birthday is on Sunday. I'm hoping to make it into a day of celebrating the most wonderful 5 months and 3 weeks we had with him. I have attached the video(thanks to my genius 11 year old) that my brother Doug put together for Wyatt's viewing. He did such an amazing job in just a short few days. I think it's a perfect way to remember our little boy and celebrate his life. It is a little long so if you don't have time to watch the whole thing at least fast forward to 8:38 and watch and listen to the last song. It is a combination of my testimony, my love for the savior and the hope I have of being with my Wyatt forever. Happy Birthday Wyatt! We love you and miss you! Thanks to all that are releasing balloons and attending the temple in his memory this weekend.


taguefamily said...

sister Larsen you don't know me. I have been following your blog for months now threw Gillians blog. I wanted to tell you for so long now how much I have felt Our Heavenly Fathers love threw your blog. I have gain so much from your words and you have been teaching me so much. You are an amazing person! Thank you for sharing this beautiful video of your son. It really is one of the sweetest videos I have ever seen. you did a great job on this. I can see from looking at the photos of your son that he is a perfect child sent to you forever. Thank you for sharing this with all of us. praying for your Family sister Gidget Tague

Gedge family said...

What an amazing video tribute to your little Wyatt. I know this birthday will be extremely hard and I will be thinking of you and your family. I have told you before, but it is my birthday on Sunday as well. My birthday gift to myself is to go to the Temple. This is a big deal because I have not been in 10 years. I am so honored and happy that I can go to the Temple and honor your little one. Thank you so much for sharing this video with us and I want you to know you are NOT alone. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

Robyn said...

I absolutely love this video! Wyatt is one special baby. Pres. Monson talks about great big spirits packed into little bodies, that is exactly what Wyatt is. A great big spirit packed into a little body. You are one special mom!! I love you.

neener said...

Thank you for that beautiful video, when it got to that past 8 min part where you mentioned a special song and your testimony... I broke out into tears as I haven't heard that song since my mission and your right it is a true testiment of the Love our Savior has for us and we will be together forever someday. Thanks for that beautiful tribute..
P.s. I love the bath time part of the video.. I wish I would've thought of wrapping them in a towel in the bath tub and scrubbing the cradle cap with a tooth brush. I loved it... Makes me want to pull out all the movies of Tanner. Thanks.
Lots of love;

Jill said...

I love that video!! My favorite part is the bath. He looks up at you with so much love. He was so completely happy. Maybe he was such a happy baby because he knew more than we do. Such a precious child of God. I love you Andrea!

Jill said...

I love that video!! My favorite part is the bath. He looks up at you with so much love. He was so completely happy. Maybe he was such a happy baby because he knew more than we do. Such a precious child of God. I love you Andrea!

Amanda said...

I love that video so much!!! I am glad you posted it. You are amazing andrea! I love you

Danielle said...

What a lovely video. What a sweet sweet boy. I can see how five months with Wyatt was a gift.

I hope you can celebrate his birth, his gifts and all he has left you all.

He is not the sum of how long he was here but the love he gave you all.

Happy Birthday Wyatt xxx

Natalie said...

That video always gets me! I love all the sweet pictures of Wyatt and I also love the bath part. I think it shows exactly how wonderful of a mother you truly are!! My thought and prayers will be with you and Wyatt this weekend! Love you!

Natalie said...

I just wanted to tell you something I thought was special to me that happened tonight. Addie and I were saying her nightly prayer and she asked me to say it for her tonight. After I finished the prayer she said, "Mom, you forgot Wyatt's birthday." I said, "What?", and she said, "You forgot to prayer for Wyatt's birthday." We watched Wyatt's video today but I don't know how she knew it was Wyatt's birthday tomorrow or how she knew that was something we should pray for. Needless to say, I immediately felt the spirit as I prayed again for you, your family and Wyatt's birthday. Tears were flowing as once again, I was reminded how amazing it is that Heavenly Father has blessed us to be mothers of his children and how special the time we have with them is. I gave Addie a big hug and told her how much I love her. Thank you Andrea, for your amazing example to me as a mother. I love you and your family so much. I wish I could be with you but know I am through thoughts and prayers. Love always!

carolyn q said...

It's just close after 12:00 a.m. and I wanted you to know that I could not sleep until I let you know I was thinking of you knowing what a bitter-sweet day today will be with it being Wyatt's earthly b-day. Oh, how I wish that he was here for you to hold and love physically, as no mother should have to celebrate their child's b-day at the Cemetery. However, I have a feeling he knows of your deep love and your heartache too and I pray that somehow you will feel peace today and angel kisses from above. Happy Birthday sweet Wyatt!
Heart Hugs,
Carolyn Quigley
Angel Hope's Mommy

Katie said...

My heart goes out to you and your family. What a beautiful little boy and sweet tribute to him. You have a beautiful family.

jenjamin said...

What a perfect little baby. I am so grateful the church is true!