Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The story behind the pictures

Words truly can't express how much I love these pictures but what makes them even more special to me is the story behind them. I hope it's ok to tell this story Jill. I've debated if I should share something so tender and sweet but I decided if it helps someone out there believe that there is life after this one and that those that have passed on still are a part of our lives then it is worth sharing. I truly believe those spirits, our loved ones, are there each day helping us through this life. I know Wyatt is very aware of our family and I'm so grateful for that knowledge. I do have to add, it's still hard not having him physically in my life. That is always going to be a very hard thing for me.

My sweet and amazingly talented niece Jill started having a dream a month ago. In the dream she was doing a photo shoot of Hayley. Hayley was dressed in white. Jill said she would just follow her around during her day and take pictures of her. During this photo shoot there was a butterfly next to Hayley everywhere she went. In each and every picture she took, that beautiful butterfly was in it. It was almost like the butterfly was a part of her. My niece told me that she kept having this same dream at least twice a week. After having this reoccurring dream over and over again she decided that she needed to act on it and that is where the inspiration to these pictures came from. I personally feel it was a gift from heaven sent to bless me. I believe Wyatt is with our family more than I think or can imagine. He is like that beautiful butterfly that was with Hayley everywhere she went. I feel like Wyatt is not gone from our lives, that he is concerned and aware of each thing we do. He is there with us on those important occasions and I also believe is he with us on those non important ones as well. I know he is busy doing whatever he is suppose to do but I also believe he is just as busy with being apart of our family. I feel those loved ones on the other side are concerned for us and are with us. They also want us to do all we can and live the way we should so we can return and be with them forever.

I am a picture person. I love pictures so I have to say it's been a great struggle for me since Wyatt died to take any pictures of my kids together or as a family. When one person is missing it's hard to visually see that void. But when I saw these pictures that Jill took I instantly felt like I finally had a picture of all 4 of my kids. Even though you can not see Wyatt's cute face and his chubby little arms and legs I feel his spirit through these pictures. I truly believe he had something to do with those dreams and with the inspiration that my niece received. I also believe a loving Heavenly Father is aware of some of the struggles I feel and blessed me with this gift. There is a part of heaven in these pictures when I look at them....I feel it, I feel Wyatt! Thank you Jill for giving me a part of my little boy. Thank you for creating a memory all my kids will remember. Tyler, Emily and Hayley were so excited to keep a secret from their mom and to be a part of keeping Wyatt's memory alive. I hope it will be as healing to them as they see these pictures as it is to their mom. I'm so grateful to my niece that she took the time and courage required to act upon this inspiration. I believe in inspiration from a loving Heavenly Father and I feel like this is where the inspiration for these pictures came...along with a little bit of help from Wyatt. Thank you Jill for sharing your talents and for being in tune with the spirit. I will cherish these pictures for the rest of my life. I'm so grateful for those tender mercies from heaven.

Can you see Wyatt's name in these two photos?


Marc and Megan said...

These photos really are so beautiful. You have such a thoughtful, talented niece. I can feel the same special feeling in looking at them that those who have passed on are much closer than we realize. Such a wonderful gift to have these photos to remember that! I was trying to decide which photo I liked best... and it was impossible to choose. You children are so beautiful, Andrea!

Christina said...

Beautiful! What a wonderful gift. Andrea, I enjoyed meeting you at the heart walk.

Hugs & Prayers,
Christina from IHH

Nathan Gedge said...

WOW! The pictures are absolutely amazing and perfect.. The kids are too cute in every picture.. I love how she added Wyatt's name in 2 of the pics. Way cool! I am so glad that you have these pictures of your family and that they make you feel Wyatt close! How special!

Mindy Stailey said...

That is the most beautiful thing I have ever read. I am so impressed with Jill and her wonderful spirit. You gals are so amazing. I love to check in on you. You are so uplifting, and I feel the spirit so strong when I am reading what you have to say. You are so filled with the spirit. Your kids are so lucky to have you as their mother. I thought about you all day on Monday. I hope that things will continue to be well for you, and that only peace and comfort will be your companions. You are so right. Wyatt is always with you. I love you!

Anonymous said...

my brother had a little girl that died a few minutes after she was born. I was able to hold her what a special moment this was eight years ago and when we were at the cemetary the biggest yellow butterfly flew on the flowers on the casket and sat there a moment. I love yellow butterflies now it is truely from heavan

Amanda Stevens said...

Hey Andrea I cant find you in the phone book . Please call me 658-4821.