Saturday, May 31, 2008

"Flowers and Wyatt moments"

We are staying in my parents condo for a week with my sister. We brought over our flower pots so that they wouldn't die while we were gone. This morning was such a beautiful morning so I thought I would get the camera out and take some pictures. Hayley and Emily joined in. How grateful I am for each of my kids! We had fun taking pictures.

I need to record a couple of "Wyatt moments" that have happened. Yesterday we went swimming and there were a lot of people at the pool. There were especially a lot of little baby boys. I'm still struggling at times with seeing other little boys with their moms. I had saved a little tube that Hayley had used when she was a baby and I had planned on using it with Wyatt this summer. There was a baby in that exact little floaty. Well, I was having a very hard moment watching these mothers play and smile and kiss their babies. I started to cry(thank goodness for sunglasses they hide the tears well) and at that very moment a butterfly flew over the pool and hung around. It stayed most of the time we were at the pool. I had the feeling come over me that everything would be all right. Again another of those tender mercies. About a week ago I went visiting teaching. It was one of those very hard days and I did not want to go but I needed to so I bucked up and went. When we got there the girl we were visiting announced that she was pregnant and how excited and happy she was. I was struggling anyway and then to hear all about her little boy she has and then the baby that she is going to have and all the fun clothes she already bought for her baby etc. etc. I was struggling--Well, I looked out into the back yard and there was a butterfly flying around. It stayed by the back door the entire time. I again got the sweet assurance that my Wyatt was aware of me and that it would be ok. How grateful I am for a loving Heavenly Father that knows what I need when I need it. If it's as simple as a butterfly how grateful I am for any of those sweet tender mercies.


Jill said...

Such cute pictures! Wish I was there! I love Wyatt moments!

Jennifer said...

I just sat and read all of your posts on your blog and wept. I am so happy you've had so many butterfly moments and pray that they continue. I know Wyatt loves you as much as you love him, and misses you like you miss him. You are so amazing. What a wonderful example you are to me. I love you and pray for you daily.

Jon and Jessica Bryant said...

Andrea I just realized that we can comment on our blogs. I am sad we missed you on memorial day. I love your blog. Very cute pictures. I love that you are having Wyatt moments and I love to hear about them You really amaze me in all that you do. We are praying for you and love you!!

neener said...

I pray you will continue to have your "butterfly moments" they are a very important part of the healing process. Once again this is Denine "Tanner's mom" I know we will see our boys again and hold them forever.

I still have those "Tanner" moments, and I feel pain everytime I see a mom with a little boy. Great pain comes over me as I try to fight it, the only peace that comes is through tears. email me at and I will invite you to read my new blog.