Monday, October 20, 2014


2 years ago for Christmas I got an i-phone and therefore started to use Instagram.  I've loved it because I'm a picture person more than a writer.  This blog was so good for me for so long but then it became somewhat of a burden to find the time to post when Instagram was so easy and fast.  Now that there is chatbooks I've decided that is the way to go.  It's made things so much more simpler.  If you are wanting to see what we are up to currently then you can go to Instagram and check it out.  I have a link on my sidebar to my Instagram account.  I will keep this blog up because I'm still getting the opportunity to come in contact with others that are grieving.  It does my heart good when I get an e-mail from someone that has questions or just needs a listening ear.

There isn't a day that goes by that I don't think of my Wyatt.  I'm still having my Wyatt moments when I need them and I'm so beyond grateful for those tender mercies in my life.  I continue to get my tear soup out every once in awhile but it's not nearly as often as it was.  I feel blessed as I look at the progress I've made.  My family is growing up so fast that I need to cherish each moment with them.   A picture is worth a thousand words.  I may post something every once in a while on this blog but I'm mainly just going to instagram for the moment and record the memories we are making as a family.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Home Improvement #3/ Closet to mudroom bench

This use to be a closet as you can see from the next pictures.  I saw this idea on House of Smith's and loved it.  We were so sick of the closet doors getting in the way and I've always wanted a mud room bench so this was the perfect solution.  I absolutely love how it turned out.  I also love how it's kind of part of the kitchen so the kids will sometimes hang out on it and read while I'm cooking dinner.  So grateful for an amazing husband that is so handy and can pretty much make whatever I find a picture of.
The process of rebuilding

The girls slept on it one night and had a lot of fun.
Hay would hang out in the bottom part and watch movies on the computer.
The finished product....I love it!  I love the plank boards we put on the walls.  And of course I love white, turquoise and gray. 

 Each kid has a basket to put all their paper work in so whenever I find something laying around I put it in there.  They now know to look there if they are in need of something.  It's been great!
 I love the baskets to hold all the odds and ends.  
I bought the baskets at Michaels when they had them 40% off.  I got the hooks at home depot.  We just painted the whole thing white which I love!

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Home Improvement #2

We changed the color of our 1/2 bath.  I liked the red but I LOVE the gray blue color.  So much more calming!!

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Home Improvement #1-pillows

The past few months I've been doing a few little projects around the house.  Pillows for the couch was one of the first things I did.  The little one and the stripped one are the two I made.  I bought the other one at TJMaxx.  I've since put them somewhere else because I got sick of always picking them up off the ground.  For some reason kids just can't keep pillows nicely on the couch.:)
I loved the fabric on this placemat  from Target so I decided to make a pillow out of it.  So easy and it turned out great. Just added a fabric piece on the back and stuffed it with stuffing.

Hay's favorites

I saw this idea a few years ago so I thought I would start doing it with Hay.  Just a few questions to ask her each year and then hopefully I'll have 12 pictures to give to her on graduation day.  Here are the first 3 years.  

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Track and Field

Ty did track this year. He ran the 400, 200 and 100.  He did awesome.  It was fun to go to his meets and watch him.

Hay had a track and field day and did awesome!  It was fun watching her as well.
Waiting in line for the standing long jump.

Sunday, April 14, 2013


My Wyatt moment this weekend.  This butterfly was in Wyatt's garden.  I just love those tender mercies.

The Easter Bunny came and left lots of yummy treats around.  Poor Hay was so sick that weekend but was a good sport and tried to do all of our activities we had planned.

She would even smile for the camera even though she was not feeling good.

This is a tradition we do each year.  Have breakfast at Wyatt's grave and talk about how grateful we are for Easter and the hope it gives us that we will all be resurrected and we will have our Wyatt again.